Wholehearted Surrender

Since 8th of March 2015, I have decided to fully give my life and heart to Jesus Christ. I will not look back anymore, and I will strive to keep my heart, mind and spirit from distractions and unnecessary hindrances – whether it is the internet, social networking, people, films, my own ambitions and whatever else. I will dedicate the next 40 days to God. I believe it is a crucial and pivotal time in my life. It is a time for me to wait on God, to play music, write songs and worship, to be still and listen, to pray and spend time in God’s presence, to stay laser-focused on the dream God has burdened my heart with, to reflect on the Truth and just rest in Him. It is a time of preparation and the recovery of spiritual clarity. The next 40 days I will write what I am learning from my readings of the Bible, meditating on the words, time spent worshipping with my piano and guitar, and from my studies at Bible College.

J a n i e ll e

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