Phenomenal night in Melbourne at Planetshakers Awakening: MOMENTUM 2015! It is unbelievable how all the trailblazers I've been hearing and talking to in the past 6 months while in Israel, in Australia, in Africa, have been reiterating the same thing in different ways. In the ordinariness of daily life, when I read my Bible, when I write, when I talk to people, I've also been picking up the same message. Coincidence? No. I've been realizing that our God is always with the times. In fact, He's ahead of the times. It's us who try to keep things in our petty little boxes of religion or science or technology.

God is presently igniting a generation of seekers for a global awakening. It's not gonna happen with hype, it's gonna happen with humility. It's not gonna start with convenient charity, it's gonna start with courageous compassion. It's not my grand idea or anybody else's - it's God's mission. It is our call, our privilege, our opportunity, to link arms and do it with Him. This is our time.

We dance, shout and sing with crazy seeking hearts BECAUSE JESUS IS REAL. By real, I mean it in EVERY sense of the word. You know, it just freakin' blows my mind that all of us, from a thousand and million different places and with totally different stories could come together because of the same reason: JESUS HAD CHANGED SOMETHING IN US. I kid you not, none of us have the same story, but somehow, in all of our diverging colors, experiences and failures, we share the same radical core - encountering the reality and love of God forever changed the way we see life, ourselves and our place in this world. 

We're not being crazy, though people might think we are. We're not being illogical, though people who use intellectualism as a poor excuse against faith might say we are. We just wanna GET REAL, because God from the beginning of time knows our purpose through and through - and He wants to get real with us whether or not we care about Him, yet. 

You might wonder, 'Is she for real?' Yes I am. Let me admit, I used to be a coward about my faith. I still am. But when things get real, you realize that its no use keeping quiet about something that's the best thing that's ever happened to you hands down - and to millions of other people. God is not a universal myth. He is a personal reality to countless individuals everywhere - and it can't be coincidence that I meet perfect strangers who exude this same crazy love and understanding that I believe only God could have placed in them. If you know you're longing for something more, but don't know where to find it, let me suggest - maybe its the reality of God's love that you were made to know but never thought was possible to find. This is the time.

J a n i e ll e

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