When Your Twenties Are Darker Than You Expected

Desiring God, a Christian organization and website started by author John Piper, posted a blog article today called When Your Twenties Are Darker Than You Expected. I found it profoundly interesting and relevant. I posted to Facebook the following reflection along with the link:

"The human body starts dying at age 25..."

I think so many young people these days are facing a restlessness that they can't quite understand nor assuage with anything else that they previously thought would satisfy them. We aren't waiting until we're too old to do crazy things. These days we get to go places, try new thrills, and challenge ourselves in ways that previous generations never got to. As a result, I think we're also realizing more quickly that none of these crazy new things are quite the answers we are looking for to satisfy our soul questions. Lemme' suggest, if you're thirsty, dying-thirsty, don't go and buy yourself a beer or coke - go for water. Pure, living water.

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