He Sought Me

Even the people closest to us can never ever be close enough to walk the narrow path with us. We traverse it alone. Or so we think. 

The most beautiful and incredible thing that has since turned my world upside down is finding out that I do not go alone. All this time, I thought I was the one seeking God in this lonely valley. Until I realized that all along, HE had been seeking me. And every one of us. In spite of our stubbornness, our rebellion, our pride, our blindness. That's why, in a world that thinks nothing of God, many are somehow compelled to  seek Him. Somehow, I knew something was missing that no thing, no person, could give me. 

"We love because He first loved us." I finally found authentic reality in this truth. And I'm still a pilgrim, as are countless others I've met, on this journey of eternal implications. 

"I once was lost, but now am found." 

What glorious hope! Have you realized? 

J a n i e ll e

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