When Jesus Calls

Jesus doesn't call his followers to be 'churchy'.

He calls us to get our hands dirty; to embrace the untouchables of society, to take in the neglected, to champion the downtrodden, to visit the prisoner, to sit in the dust and dirt with the street orphan, to serve not with our dollars but with our blood, sweat and tears.

To tell all and show all His love and grace and truth with the living, breathing compassion of our hearts, hands and feet.

And to share the gritty truth of our own story - that we ourselves were no better off before He met us on the lonely trail, and embraced us in the dust and dirt of our messed up, self-gratifying lives and called us to authenticity, our real identity.

Friends and strangers alike, this is original, costly Christianity - far removed from man-made religiosity. It is not a life we can possibly do on our own. But here's the glorious hope, it is a life Jesus reawakens in anyone of us who choose to follow Him daily.

J a n i e ll e

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