The Perennial Dilemma

Knowledge of itself has not given man peace. Peace remains ever elusive and transient.

The last century brought unparalleled advancement and innovation in science, education, technology, communication and everything else. But we are no closer to man-made utopia. Why?

Because we want peace our way. Man-made. For our benefit. For our short-term plans. For our short-lived lives. Is it no wonder that our efforts remain futile? We have our grand ideas, informed by our puny minds and methods. We weep. We fight. We strive. We shove and push. We accuse each other. We blame God. Some argue that there's no God.

But even they can't explain enough why they, too, long for ultimate peace.

And yet still, we don't want peace God's way. This is the perennial dilemma: our rebellion.

J a n i e ll e

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