Power Through Obedience

Obedience is a four-letter word in our generation. What a terrible word it is!

Don’t we cringe at the mention or even the very thought of it and what it means we must do or be?

Let us ask ourselves – why such a negative inward reaction? I believe it is because we have come to trust ourselves way too much. We are suspicious of God’s intentions; but completely blinded to our own selfish, conceited, and rebellious hearts!

How can the power of God move through us if we are exalting ourselves over Him? How can His power drive us and move us and guide us if we are guided by our own small-minded intelligence and fears, and not by faith in Him? How can the power of Jesus Christ – the resurrection power of life – set us ablaze if we harden our cold hearts of stone and refuse to yield our will to Him in obedience?

Now, remember Jesus' posture at the Garden of Gethsemane?  

Jesus had to choose and suffer in order to learn obedience. Heaven and earth hung by his choice in that moment as he knelt down to the ground and sweated drops of blood in deep agony. To submit His will in obedience while in human flesh, Jesus suffered such stress that he sweated blood! He prayed. He asked the disciples to pray with him. This bare, stark, uncomfortable ‘human-ness’ about Jesus – the Son of Man and Son of God – shows us that we are truly set free. 

As believers, as new creations, as sons and daughters of God, we are redeemed to choose God’s will over our own! It will not be easy, but Jesus shows us that it is possible. He did it because of LOVE. He could choose it because He was in sync with the Father’s heart. Because of His example, he can now strengthen us, empower us by His spirit, to do the same in this life and into Eternity! That’s what the disciples experienced on the day of Pentecost. And they continued to experience more and more of this incredible power that graced them in their journey. It was never easy, but it was possible to continually choose to be in the centre of God’s will even through all the struggles, persecutions, and temptations! 

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