What Defines You?

Are we still defined first of all by our identity according to a particular tribe, ethnic group, nationality, or race?

We are citizens of heaven. Sons and daughters of God.

Are we still defined first of all by our cultural background, our critical spirit against others, our past mistakes, and our bad habits?

We are disciples of Jesus. We learn daily from our Master, who redeems bad culture by transforming our hearts first.

Are we still defined by the prejudices of other people, and the criticism and harsh words of those who have caused us hurt?

We are new creations in Christ. We remember the hurts and wrongs, but we are no longer bound by them.

Are we still defined by our fears and failures?

We are empowered by the Spirit. The Spirit of Lord is freedom – he gives us a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind.

Are we still defined by our status, our skills, our jobs, our careers, our achievements, and our prestige?

We are servants of God. No longer slaves to the world or to ourselves in sin. We give everything we have that is good back to God. We serve Him by serving others. And everything else that is selfish and bad, we count as rubbish and cast off day by day.

J a n i e ll e

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