Creative Acts of Extravagance

"An artist is never poor," said Babette, the unlikely heroine of the 1987 film Babette's Feast.

Every work of art, every song sung, every poem written, every life creatively given, is an act of love, an act of extravagant generosity.

The artist's reward is not money. His or her portion is more than material wealth. It is the joy of giving something that has welled up from within the artist's heart, mind and spirit - inspired by the divine.

This is God's gift to mankind. Despite the Fall and man's rebellion against Him, He has not revoked or confiscated this artistic privilege and inclination.

The world needs the creative strokes of our artists, singers, poets, and writers because their works express identity, beauty and meaning. Sometimes they pose questions and convey both the longing and lostness of mankind estranged from God.

Art tells me God is real. Because all our art expresses either a longing for something more, or a lostness apart from God.

God's irrevocable gift to us is our heart-mind-soul desire to create, imagine, invent, express in colours, shades, tones, words. We create because He created. Symphonies and poems and murals show me this world is not a cosmic accident.

Those who find true freedom of expression find it in God's boundless love. Without Him, all my music and art is chasing of the wind, sound and fury, fleeting happiness and deathly melancholy. Without Him, I am lost, no matter how cultured, educated, or artistic I am. My art stumbles with me through a purposeless lifetime into the hope-less grave.

Oh but thank you God for Your Hope and Love and Reality! He is my portion. In Him my art finds fullest, truest, deepest, glorious meaning. With Him, I sail toward the endless shores of Eternity.

J a n i e ll e

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