Borne Out of Compassion

The journey and calling is simple. But we fickle, self-serving humans often make things more complicated than they actually are. The narrow road becomes a convoluted trail of wrong turns, detours and false short-cuts all because our narcissistic, selfish ambitions and ulterior motives tempt us astray.

Jesus beckons us to follow Him in the simplicity of faith, trust and obedience. On this journey, there is no legalism, only love. There is no fear, only grace. There is no trickery or deception, neither are there hidden clauses - only Truth.

Jesus tells us to let go of our striving and burden-bearing. Instead, He bids us to serve alongside Him. His burden isn't one of heavy, back-breaking religiosity and false piety. His burden is light, his yoke is easy - because it is borne out of compassion. It is the better path. It is what our hearts search the world over for.

We will not find this peace, this lightness, this restoration, in holidays, careers, homes, relationships, music, art or any of the other noble endeavours. We will find it only in Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, Counselor and Confidante, Teacher and Servant Leader, King and Friend.

He is all we need because His whole being and doing is borne out of boundless Compassion. We are called to follow Him in this same glorious Grace.

J a n i e ll e

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