Jesus Walks That Rope

Jesus walks that rope. 

We didn't find Him or go to Him first. 
The world didn't and still doesn't recognize Him. 
We're too mired in our self-ambitions 
and self-destructive preoccupations. 
But He came to us, 
He comes to us, 
He found us way before we sought Him. 

I'm not speaking religion here. I'm talking about a Person who touched my life personally. 
Can science explain or quantify Love? 
Can religion change a hardened heart or mend a broken spirit? 
No, only God himself can. 
I've seen it, I see it. 

I love how Jesus doesn't explain or measure love. 
He demonstrated love and lived it among us. 
He didn't create religion to bind us, 
He came himself to liberate us, touch us and transform us. 
He didn't come as the unknown God, 
He isn't capricious and far away like the Greek gods. 
He came with a name - Jesus (or Yeshua), which means Salvation. 
He revealed himself to us. 

He came not to condemn, but to release - freedom is his work. 
Indeed it's a baffling mystery to us - that God comes close. 
But if we could understand God and contain him, he wouldn't be God. 
So I choose faith even as I seek to understand!

Wars and violence, 
Famine and sickness, 
Tragedy and death, continue for now. 
Because of man's willful rebellion, 
His hatred against his brother, 
And because there is Evil in the world. 
But Jesus is with us - like a Light in unspeakable darkness. 

But the night is darkest before the dawn. 
The Day is coming when the Morning Star will rise in our hearts.
Righteousness and justice will be established. 
Our hearts will pulse anew with God's love,
No longer will man war to satisfy his own greed. 
No longer will the earth tremble and quake in distress. 
No longer will we cry in mourning. 
No longer will Evil imprison mankind.

For now, we do what Jesus calls us to do. 
Love our neighbour, love our enemy. 
Be peacemakers, live as sons and daughters of God 
Right here in a still-broken world. 
Shine the light, reflect his love. 
Clothe the orphan and widow, 
Go to the tough places bearing gifts and love,
Provide for the refugees and pray for the terrorists
Broken and lost ones themselves. 

 We stop arguing. We move our hands and feet, we give our lives away to love. 

For the rest of my days I just want to share this Hope with humanity. 
The greatest miracles I've seen are the lives of changed men and women 
Who have found this embodiment of Love, Truth and Hope. 
Yeshua - salvation. Emmanuel - God with us. 
New life. 
Restored identity. 
We're not talking temporary therapy here, 
We're not talking religiosity, 
We're talking transformation for Eternity. 

Can't even explain it! 
But it's the most glorious thing. 

J a n i e ll e

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