The kingdom of God is embodied by the church, the body of Christ. The foundation of this kingdom and the modus operandi of this body should be characterized by the enduring essence of God’s character: Love. As Bob Goff’s book is titled, ‘Love Does’. 1 John writes of how we know what love is: that Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, so we should do the same for our brothers. Paul describes love in words of action and attitude, not simply as feeling.

The apostle Paul provokes our thought on our posture: 
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is not jealous, boastful, proud or rude.
Love in other words, cares for ‘the other’, and not only for the self.
Love does not demand its own way.
Love is not irritable and keeps no record of being wronged.
Love is quick to forgive. 

The practice of our faith and our gifts as followers of Jesus should stand against injustice and untruth, reflect God’s heart, and pulse with his compassion. God's love is not cold, it is warm, it is real, it is alive, it is fresh. It brings restoration and reconciliation.

Love never gives up, it never loses faith, it always hopes and perseveres through every situation.

Love should be the foundation of the church and all missional activity, it is not measured by outward results, but a way of life and being that is seen by God who knows us fully. How do our daily work, study, play and ministry reflect the practical attitudes that Paul outlines as indicative of love “being” and “doing”? 

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