Creativity for Life

Creativity is God's domain. Anarchy is the devil's.

God endowed us with the capacity for creativity so that his wisdom and grace could be manifest in our lives.

It is the devil's highest goal to corrupt our capacity for creativity so that we discard its use entirely, misuse it for selfish gain, or idolise what we create instead of giving God the glory with our creative expressions.

Look at our weapons of destruction. Did God create them? No, man did. Man created weapons for defense and more so, to empower themselves to conquer others. Weapons have been used as instruments for destructive and evil acts more than they have been used for protection. Instead of giving and redeeming life, our creativity has spawned objects that rob us of life.

If our creative faculties are surrendered joyfully to God's glorious purposes for us, we will wield them for justice, love, mercy and compassion. We will catch glimpses of the coming heaven that God will bring to earth when all things will be restored to its intended glory. 

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